TTY Simulator

Before the widespread availablility of videophones (and in much of the world, they still are not), terminals called TTYs (the abbreviated form of the word teletype) were in use (also called "Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf" or TDDs to avoid infringing on the trademark of the Teletype Corporation, but the term did not have widespread support in the Deaf Community). They allowed — before the pervasive availability of text pagers, SMS, or online services — people to send text over telephone lines.

Early TTYs were modified govenment-surplus teletypes (such as the KSR-33). Soon after, more portable devices were manufactured expressly for use by the Deaf.

Directions:Click anywhere on the virtual TTY to the right to begin. When you are done with your turn, add a space after the GA or the SK.

This app only works on laptops, desktops, and systems with hardware keyboards.